Sunday, October 28, 2012

Here comes the story of the hurricane..

Im being attacked by hurricane Sandy!

Its actually not that bad here yet.

But OF COURSSEEE there would be a hurricane the first weekend I get my license.

Thats right.


I know, its insane.
The test was waaaay easier than I thought, once you get past the nervousness and stress.
Stress is overrated.

But I wouldnt be able to have passed without my mom teaching me to drive for six months, my Aunt Cindy teaching me how to parallel park and getting me ready for the test, and my cousin Jimmy fixing my car up multiple times. Thanks guys!

But driving alone is the coolest thing ever.

Well anyway, i hope everyone is safe from the hurricane!! Im inside where its safe, drinking hot chocolate, watching the Shining!

Ill let you know if the storm sucks up my house.

Aesthetically Yours,

Sunday, October 7, 2012

CAUTION: This blogpost may actually contain words.

Hey everyone!
I'm sorry I haven't been so present on here.
Since school has been back in full-swing, I haven't had time to sit around and write,
so I got away with pictures and captions for awhile.
I'm sorry.
You've been jipped.. I know.

I had some issues with word font and color on here,
and it was making my posts so hard to read, even though I changed it.
I don't know if it's totally fixed now, 
or if anyone cares, or reads this enough to.
But this is my attempt at a satisfactory font situation.

Well some excitement has happened!
I got my first real job, at a local retail chain store.
I don't know if it's bad to mention the name of it on here or not,
because of like company affiliation issues or something.. 
Actually I may have just completely made that up.
I won't say it either way, just to be safe.

It's so hard for a minor to get a job now.
I mean, Its hard for anyone to.
But now that more adults are looking for jobs that a minor might usually obtain,
employers would rather an experienced adult take the position.
I've been applying for jobs since I was fourteen, so I'm glad It finally worked out!
I've had TONS of volunteer jobs before, and I worked at a little league concession stand one season.
But this is cool, I like it.

I played guitar and sang live for the first time last weekend.


Haha I think it went well, I'm getting some positive feedback.
I played Brain Stew by Green Day.
It was for the music school that I take lessons at.
It was one of their concerts, for their student appreciation day,
I have two videos of it if you wanna see it...
The first one gives me trouble with skipping sometimes but the second one is low visual quality.
I don't know, try both hahah.
Hope you like it!
I'll be back soon, I promise.

Aesthetically Yours,