Friday, June 29, 2012

Quick Post Before Guitar: Beach, Blonde, and Brendan's Death Song!!

HEY! Soo, I just got home from the beach, but I wanted to do a quick post before I have to get ready for a guitar lesson in a little bit.

First of all, I'm slightly blonde now!
Haha this is the first time I've gone lighter. I dyed my hair a really dark brown twice before, but this is new and I kinda dig it:)

My second piece of business to discuss is the new Red Hot Chili Peppers Video that came out yesterday!! 

For anyone who doesn't know, the Red Hot Chili Peppers are my FAVORITE BAND IN THE WORLD... here's proof!

Anyway, I love everything they have ever done, including the latest album, I'm With You, which a lot of fans are uneasy about. Its great. Its different, which should be expected without John Frusciante on guitar, but Josh Klinghoffer is really awesome too. 

This album has been out for almost a year now, and one of the best songs on there was Brendan's Death Song. It is the fourth video to come out from this album, which is an amazing accomplishment. Think about it: the Chili Peppers have been around since 1983 and are STILL making unique, current music. Any other rock band around from that time, that is still making music, is doing it just to hang around and keep people aware of them. RHCP is actually significant and competing with popular bands today. They are just so creative and innovative and their music is actually meaningful. I love them so much!

Brendan's Death Song was about the Peppers' good friend Brendan Mullen, who died on his birthday, and coincidentally the first day the band was rehearsing with Josh Klinghoffer. The jam the band had that first day is what sparked the idea for this song. The video is amazing, and such an honorable sending off for their good friend, who is the one who offered the Chili Peppers their first big concert opportunity, opening for the Bad Brains. Its really powerful and has a great feeling about it. Here's the link, please check it out! Brendan's Death Song video HERE!!

Aesthetically Yours,

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Art is opinion, not fact.

Here's something that bothered me today: I saw a commercial for an at-home art school, and it said to call their number for a free ART TEST, and they will help you become a better artist.

 Art test. . .? Since when is art something that's right or wrong and can be tested? Art is a matter of creativity, it's based on perspective, and shouldn't be up to anyone to say it can be "better". This commercial showed someone taking a standardized test booklet. It seemed that the goal of the test was to draw exact copies of images shown. I do not understand how being a Xerox machine is art. Art is about freedom and creative expression. Art is an outlet for people to show their ideas through imagery, whether it be beautiful or hideous.  Who's to say that just because you can't perfectly sketch a bald eagle (which is the GENIUS work this commercial showed. . . yes, sarcasm again) that you aren't artistic? Art is visual emotion, which shouldn't be up to anyone to decide if it is right or wrong.

This idea of someone improving your art is false. There is nobody whose artistic views are above another's. Creativity needs to stop being controlled.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Don't Forget The Lyrics

Hellooo everyone! I hope everyone made the most of this beautiful day, after the apocalyptic thunderstorm that occurred yesterday!! I don't know where else it hit, but it was INSANE in New Jersey!!

Today, I went to The Six Flags Hurricane Harbor water park. We have season passes to that, the Great Adventure theme park, and the safari. This was the first Hurricane Harbor trip of the summer, and it was an awesome start to the year, not because of the actual park, but because of the great music they played!! Usually it's top 40 nausea, but today they played Bob Marley, the Beach Boys, Van Morrison, 311. and Rusted Root. I was LOVING it. So, yes, of course I was singing out loud! And yes, of course i got some weird looks, but I have no shame! I can carry a tune, if I so please! I should have been saying "you're welcome". It's not everywhere you get free entertainment! If I love a song, and I know all of the words, I don't care where I am - I'm singing it. Then again, there are those awkward times when I don't know the words. . .

I consider myself to be mature, especially in my music taste. So in recent years especially, I've been pretty spot on with knowing correct lyrics. Before that, I was quite an imaginative child. . . I devised a list to show you some of the lyrics i was sure were correct:

Alright, alright.. before you laugh at me, I bet you have all messed up some lyrics too!! Let me know if you have! Happy Saturday:)

Aesthetically Yours,

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Not Nearly My Most Embarrasing Moment...

I hope everyone is having a nice summer evening, it's almost the weekend! I thought I'd share a funny story today...
So I spent the majority of my day at the beach , with my family and my friend Lora. (I am so burnt... it's quite painful, but I'm proud of it!) Being the adventurous little adolescents we are (please note my sarcasm..), Lora and I ventured down to the edge of the water. We were just standing there, minding our own business, when I, of course, fall over without warning. But not before shrieking like an animal, and attracting the attention of countless Bennys. While Lora is laughing hysterically, I take comfort in knowing this isn't my MOST embarrassing moment...

About three years ago, I was at my town's annual Founder's Day firework show with some friends and 
family. That year, they were showing Grease on a projection on one of the baseball fields. Realizing we already passed the entrance, everyone I was with easily hopped the fence on to the field, while my mom and I contemplated what to do, knowing I was much too uncoordinated to hop a fence. Finally she decided she would lift me up, set me on top of the fence, and then walk back to the entrance while I jumped down. This would have worked well.... If the belt loop of my pants hadn't attached itself to the fence. Yes folks, I was swinging from a fence by my butt, among a crowd of people, as my mom unknowingly walked away. I started yelling for her, so she ran over and tried to lift me up. I only weigh 94 pounds today, so I must have been about 85 pounds then, but gravity just wasn't working in my mom's favor, and she could not lift me off of the fence. So of course, the random man next to me had to pluck me off. So as all of the other freshman girls were running around, getting ready for Grease, I was getting my butt dislodged from a fence I was hanging from, like a flag.

That's my life, kids! Haha my friend Seth always tells me it's like a reality show,  because you can't write this stuff!! Let me know if anyone can beat my embarrassing moment!

Aesthetically yours,

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Band of the Day 1: The Doors

This is the first in a series of posts I plan on doing where I discuss one band each day. I'm starting off with one of my favorites, The Doors.

 I'm going to be honest, I wasn't always open to the Doors. My mom would always tell me to listen to them, and i just kind of rolled my eyes. But then I started listening to them every time they came on the radio, and I started to love them. This was quite a few years ago. After liking their music, I watched The Doors movie, with Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison, with my best friend, Janette. After that movie, we were both a bit obsessed. I bought so much of their music, and could not stop listening!! They have been one of my favorite bands for years now. I've seen TONS of their documentaries, and I've read three biographies about Jim Morrison. I could probably tell the whole story of Jim Morrison's life, if asked!

What I love so much about their music, is that its so different from all the music from the sixties. I mean, yeah, they were hippies, but they didn't feel like they had to sing about flower power and peace and love. They were a dark, mysterious rock band, Jim Morrison's voice is unlike any other. Also, he was crazy! he didn't care what people thought of him, he did whatever he wanted. He had the world in the palm of his hand, and he shook it up. My favorite songs by The Doors are Touch Me and LA Woman. Lately though, i have been listening to Blue Sunday and The Spy a lot.

So since Jim Morrison passed, I'll never see him live. But I did almost get to see the rest of the band live fronted by the lead singer of The Cult! I had tickets and everything, unfortunately I had a dress rehearsal for a play that night, and my director wouldn't let me go. My dad loves them, too, so he still went. But there's no doubt I'm going next time they come around, no matter what!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself...

Hi everyone! My name is Cassidy Magee, and I'm seventeen years old. I figured I'd use my first post to tell you about myself, but if you'd like to read an actual writing of mine, check out my guest post on my cousin Samantha's blog:

I live at the Jersey shore, but before you go thinking I'm some "guidette', you should know that locals here are NOTHING like those Long Island Italians on TV! People at the shore are just laid back and enjoy the moment, especially in the summer when every day is spent at the beach. We call tourists "Bennys". That stands for people who come from Bayonne, Elisabeth, Newark, and New York. Bennys are more likely to be "guidos"!

Being seventeen, there's no doubt I was born in the wrong decade. Music is my favorite thing in the world. I love Classic Rock, hippies, and pretty much everything from decades before me. I was named after the song Cassidy, by The Grateful Dead, so none of this really comes as a shock. I'm the most right-brained, creative person you can imagine. I love all kinds of art, and I try to express my thoughts artistically whenever I can. I sketch alot of musicans, and paint often. I play guitar, and I am going into my fourth year of Improv classes. I have a really open mind and try to approach everything creatively. I love to write, so I hope you enjoy my sense of humor and my outlook on life.

Aesthetically yours,