Sunday, December 9, 2012

Acceptable Christmas songs

SO I have work today.
Which I don't mind.
Except that instead of the usual outdated pop music playlist,
Its the same five Christmas songs.

I feel like its an unpopular opinion, but I really don't like listening to Christmas music.

I mean, I like it if its playing in the background while decorating, or some other holiday task. But I don't get how people can just sit around and listen to Christmas Pandora!!

Here are my reasons:

1. You hear the same song too many times, just by different people

2. When people try and cover Christmas songs, they make an effort of trying to sound unique and different. They drag out words longer than the original, they belt out random words, they try to make it sound more, Im sorry. Frosty The Snowman will never sound  any cooler than it already does (no pun intended).

3. People start listening to Christmas music IN NOVEMBER. 
Im sorry I cant handle this monopoly of music for over a month!!

With all of that said...
There are some exceptions which I will gladly share:

Let Me Sleep- Pearl Jam
I would listen to this even if it wasn't a Christmas song. Love it. Love Pearl Jam.

Little St. Nick - Beach Boys
Gotta love the Beach Boys

Christmas In Hollis- RUN DMC
I love RUN DMC, and this is awesome.

Christmas Wrapping - The Waitresses
Always liked this haha

Hannukah Song - Adam Sandler
Not Christmas... but all three of these are hysterical

Jingle Bells - Barbara Streisand
I do not listen to Barbara Streisand.. But even I can admit she does a god job of this,
And its kind of really funny.

Merry Christmas (I dont want to fight tonight) - The Ramones
Lame video, good song. Love the Ramones.

You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch
 I legitimately love this song lol, My favorite actual Christmas song.

Mele Kelikimaka - Bing Crosby
I love this, Hawaii Christmas sounds chill to me.

We Wish You A Reggae Christmas - Yellowman
This is ridiculous lol but i seriously love it

What Are You Doing New Years Eve? - Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Not Christmas... but I'm obsessed with both of them. And ukuleles. JGL couldn't get more adorable.

White Christmas - Red Hot Chili Peppers
LOL ok randomly after this show... last July... Chad Smith from RHCP, the drummer, sang White Christmas. Im sorry, they're just my favorite.

Happy Xmas, War is Over - John Lennon
Well, this song is great. And John Lennon died yesterday, 32 years ago. There will never be another like him, no talent will come close. The world should take a lesson.

Also, Happy Birthday to Jim Morrison yesterday!! He would have been 69!!

Merry Christmas!

Aesthetically Yours,

Monday, November 26, 2012

This post is my alternative to watching Finding Nemo.

So, I'm in my web design class right now.
We have a substitute, so we're watching Finding Nemo.

...Why is it that this is always the go-to movie when there is nothing to do in class?
I swear I have only ever watched this movie unwillingly.
 You'd think teachers would realize that a seventeen-year-old's humor is a little bit beyond
 "He touched the butt".

Just kidding. Someone just laughed at that..

I wonder if the kid behind me is reading over my shoulder.
If so;
Uh, hi. Stop reading over my shoulder.

Ugh I still have like 23 minutes left.

Then lunch.
Then Improv.
Then I go home.
and I'm being held up by Finding Nemo.

I would seriously hate to be a substitute.
Kids kinda  know they are just there for attendance, and that's fine, as long as the sub knows that too.
But then there are those subs that try and take charge and teach a class when they don't even know whats going on.

Wait a second haha, I forgot about the part in Finding Nemo where the fish in the fish tank and the pelican are watching the root canal and they keep using correct medical terms only a dentist would know. Hahaha that's really the only good part about this movie. And I love Ellen. And Australian accents.

I actually got yelled at by a substitute last week.
Before the bell rang, I came to class, dropped my stuff off, and went to the bathroom.
When I came back she was yelling at me about how 'I'm late' and 'I can't trick a veteran...'
Yeah ok seriously I wasn't even late, and if i have to use the bathroom I'm going to use the bathroom.
My teacher didn't even care lol.

But we do have one awesome sub.
My friends and I call him Shneebly.
Because he looks exactly like Ned Sneebly from School of Rock.
Not Jack Black. He's Dewey Finn.
I mean actual Ned Shneebly.

Whenever we see him, we're like "YEAHHHH SHNEEBLY!!"
And he just smiles like "hahah hey guysss"
Its so great.
Once we got him to play Improv games with us in class, he was awesome.
And one of my friends got him to do the super long hand shake from School of Rock!

 It was so sick hahaha.

Omg ok!
 Class is ending!
Talk to you soon!

Aesthetically Yours,

Friday, November 2, 2012

Sandy took away my Halloween and my Jersey shore.

Nobody thought it would be this bad.

I live on the mainland, I was lucky.
We lost power, heat, internet connection, and cell phone service for three days.
Trees came down, power lines came down, the only open stores were empty and dark.
Traffic lights were broken.
Without electricity, there were barely any gas stations open, with lines that extended endlessly.
Our town was trashed, like a warzone.

But we were lucky.
Towns barely miles away from us, near water, Long Beach Island especially, are destroyed.
Nobody is even allowed to go back there yet.
 Its flooded, like a town in the middle of the ocean.
Left people we know and love homeless and in worse situations than we can imagine.
Every shelter is filled.

But whats amazing is every single person I know is volunteering to help.
Everyone has put there own issues aside to do what they can to help those who really need it.
Today I went to a shelter to donate food and medicine, and helped transport food and clothes with my neighbor.
Its not alot, but since EVERYONE is doing a little bit, its making a huge difference.
Im so proud of everyone, thank you.

Its surreal seeing everywhere I grew up in destroyed
LBI and Seaside heights especially.
But we will restore them, I cant imagine not.

Its just weird, this isn't the kind of thing that happens to you.

Oh, and Chris Christie cancelled our Halloween in NJ. Postponed, actually, till Monday. I have work that night though. So cancelled for me. Oh well.

Aesthetically Yours,

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Here comes the story of the hurricane..

Im being attacked by hurricane Sandy!

Its actually not that bad here yet.

But OF COURSSEEE there would be a hurricane the first weekend I get my license.

Thats right.


I know, its insane.
The test was waaaay easier than I thought, once you get past the nervousness and stress.
Stress is overrated.

But I wouldnt be able to have passed without my mom teaching me to drive for six months, my Aunt Cindy teaching me how to parallel park and getting me ready for the test, and my cousin Jimmy fixing my car up multiple times. Thanks guys!

But driving alone is the coolest thing ever.

Well anyway, i hope everyone is safe from the hurricane!! Im inside where its safe, drinking hot chocolate, watching the Shining!

Ill let you know if the storm sucks up my house.

Aesthetically Yours,

Sunday, October 7, 2012

CAUTION: This blogpost may actually contain words.

Hey everyone!
I'm sorry I haven't been so present on here.
Since school has been back in full-swing, I haven't had time to sit around and write,
so I got away with pictures and captions for awhile.
I'm sorry.
You've been jipped.. I know.

I had some issues with word font and color on here,
and it was making my posts so hard to read, even though I changed it.
I don't know if it's totally fixed now, 
or if anyone cares, or reads this enough to.
But this is my attempt at a satisfactory font situation.

Well some excitement has happened!
I got my first real job, at a local retail chain store.
I don't know if it's bad to mention the name of it on here or not,
because of like company affiliation issues or something.. 
Actually I may have just completely made that up.
I won't say it either way, just to be safe.

It's so hard for a minor to get a job now.
I mean, Its hard for anyone to.
But now that more adults are looking for jobs that a minor might usually obtain,
employers would rather an experienced adult take the position.
I've been applying for jobs since I was fourteen, so I'm glad It finally worked out!
I've had TONS of volunteer jobs before, and I worked at a little league concession stand one season.
But this is cool, I like it.

I played guitar and sang live for the first time last weekend.


Haha I think it went well, I'm getting some positive feedback.
I played Brain Stew by Green Day.
It was for the music school that I take lessons at.
It was one of their concerts, for their student appreciation day,
I have two videos of it if you wanna see it...
The first one gives me trouble with skipping sometimes but the second one is low visual quality.
I don't know, try both hahah.
Hope you like it!
I'll be back soon, I promise.

Aesthetically Yours, 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


HEY so I painted my Doc Martenss!! I think they look kind of awesome! 

But they are steel toed... and are a huuge weight to carry around all day haha. surprised I didnt fall!!

Aestheticaly Yours,