Monday, November 26, 2012

This post is my alternative to watching Finding Nemo.

So, I'm in my web design class right now.
We have a substitute, so we're watching Finding Nemo.

...Why is it that this is always the go-to movie when there is nothing to do in class?
I swear I have only ever watched this movie unwillingly.
 You'd think teachers would realize that a seventeen-year-old's humor is a little bit beyond
 "He touched the butt".

Just kidding. Someone just laughed at that..

I wonder if the kid behind me is reading over my shoulder.
If so;
Uh, hi. Stop reading over my shoulder.

Ugh I still have like 23 minutes left.

Then lunch.
Then Improv.
Then I go home.
and I'm being held up by Finding Nemo.

I would seriously hate to be a substitute.
Kids kinda  know they are just there for attendance, and that's fine, as long as the sub knows that too.
But then there are those subs that try and take charge and teach a class when they don't even know whats going on.

Wait a second haha, I forgot about the part in Finding Nemo where the fish in the fish tank and the pelican are watching the root canal and they keep using correct medical terms only a dentist would know. Hahaha that's really the only good part about this movie. And I love Ellen. And Australian accents.

I actually got yelled at by a substitute last week.
Before the bell rang, I came to class, dropped my stuff off, and went to the bathroom.
When I came back she was yelling at me about how 'I'm late' and 'I can't trick a veteran...'
Yeah ok seriously I wasn't even late, and if i have to use the bathroom I'm going to use the bathroom.
My teacher didn't even care lol.

But we do have one awesome sub.
My friends and I call him Shneebly.
Because he looks exactly like Ned Sneebly from School of Rock.
Not Jack Black. He's Dewey Finn.
I mean actual Ned Shneebly.

Whenever we see him, we're like "YEAHHHH SHNEEBLY!!"
And he just smiles like "hahah hey guysss"
Its so great.
Once we got him to play Improv games with us in class, he was awesome.
And one of my friends got him to do the super long hand shake from School of Rock!

 It was so sick hahaha.

Omg ok!
 Class is ending!
Talk to you soon!

Aesthetically Yours,

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  1. I remember how awful movies were that they showed when there was a sub... but it didn't matter to us, bc is was always an easy day. Sadly, I now have a two year old and laughed at "He touched the Butt" now.. don't judge me :)