Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I made some shoes today, ohhh boyyy.

Was anyone else amused by that Beatles reference in the title? John Lennon, A Day In The Life? No? Just me? Ok, understandable.

Well these are the shoes I made yesterday! Here is how they started:
Cool right?
I got the idea from these boots, from Luxury Jones.
I saw my favorite youtube vlogger grav3yardgirl had them, and I wanted them too! Now, I don't know if anyone has random, never worn boots lying around like me... but I'll show you how I made them anyway,
The boots were hand-me-downs that I never wore even though I've had them for years. I got the fabric from a tie dye tapestry I had two of the same of. So i cut the tapestry into strips about two inches thick and wrapped it around the boot.  I cut them wide and sloppily to give it a rough look. It looks cooler if the straps overlap and fold over. Then I did a rough stitch along the edges of the strips of fabric. The boot was too thick to sew through, but the fabric will hold itself there if sewn together. I am less then mediocre at sewing, but it really doesnt matter with this!
Once that was done, I just took two similar old belts and wrapped them around the shoe a few times.

Yeah they are a little out there... but I think they turned out cool!
I had a very successful thrift shopping trip today, I'll try to have a post on that up tomorrow!
Aesthetically yours,


  1. Those are amazing! I love them. So creative!

  2. OMG! Genius! I'm in love with Bunny's boots too! I have a pair of cowboy boots on the way that I bought for a Luxury Jones DIY. Could you do a post of some outfits that you wear your boots with?

  3. Sadly, it bothers me to wear them because of the small heel, so i have only worn them once or twice! but i will definitely include them in my next group of pictures!