Friday, August 3, 2012

"Happiness is only real when shared." -Chris McCandless

So, my Pop-pop died this Monday.
And while its hard to imagine him not being around, and I'm going to miss him SO much, I find it hard to dwell in sadness when there is so much good around us.
He was always in a good mood, he wouldn't want me to be miserable.
So while this week was hard, and I didn't want to say goodbye, I kept positive.
One of the greatest things I've learned, as cliche as it may be, is looking on the bright side of things.

Took this of Gwen from this week,
 my cousins daughter. Love her? Me too.
We should all be happy his suffering is over, and that our whole family is brought together. I love that, so much. If I could be around my family every day, I would be. I've always been a lot younger than everyone, including my cousins. But I look up to them so much, more than anyone. And while It's been that way forever, I didn't realize I grew up. And now there are little cousins and relatives that I hope  are looking up to me, even though that's a scary thought. I hope to be for them what I have had for seventeen years.With so much love how can anyone feel sad? "Happiness is only real when shared", and we have so much family to share it with. And we didn't lose a member.
He just...graduated:)

Sadness is a waste of energy. Negative energy is heavier than a ton of bricks, and nobody needs that, just room for love and happiness.

Pop pop we love you. But I'm not sad. I know you're still around, In every pie I eat, bus I ride on, and pool I swim in.

I hope that everyone can let go of their negative energy, because Pop-pop isn't gone, his trip just started.

I love him, I love you, I love everyone.

Aesthetically Yours,

Flea knows whats important:)


  1. I LOVE the new header! It's beautiful and totally you!

    I understand what you mean about Pop, and I hope to be in that "happy" place soon. I think I am just so worried about Mam-Mom, but I know that we will all be reunited again someday.

    I love how you are with Gwen. It's totally come full circle seeing as how your mom was that way with me, and I with you, now you with Gwen. It's awesome.

    Great post! As always. :)

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  3. Thank youuuu! I think Mammom just has to come back to New Jersey and be with all of us again. They've lived in Florida since i was ELEVEN.

    And I can wait until Gwen is old enough to come hang out with me, like we always did, since I'll have my license in three months:)

  4. Cassidy:

    You touch my soul to its core.

    Thank you

  5. As you know... I am not much for social media....but I couldn't help but comment on your beautiful post. This is beautiful Cass. You know, I know you well...somewhat like the back of my hand... and so I am not surprised by your words, but I am grateful you chose to share them. If I am being honest, I don't know what is harder...watching Pop-pop die or watching most of my mother die with him. This is a very difficult process. And although I look forward to the place of positivity you speak of, I am aware that all the steps in between or just as relevant if not more. It is a journey and everyone walks at their own pace. Sometimes it's one step forward and two steps back. That is life. We are blessed to learn from each other's Wisdom and to be able to help each other when we stumble in our moments of weakness. That is family. I appreciate both your words and Samantha's words in her blog regarding the beautiful bonds in the many relationships in our family. Do your part to cultivate them. These are the gifts from God that will walk beside you in your journey nurturing and supporting you on your path back to Him.

    I am everyday proud of you and tremendously honored to be your mother. You are a voice to be heard and through your blogs and the many other paths you will will change the world. I look forward to witnessing it all! What a blessing!!

    I love you always,

  6. Love you mom, that means a
    lot. And this is a social networking MILESTONE.

  7. So sorry for your loss! You're so positive about it and such a great example and inspiration!