Thursday, August 9, 2012

Why I Might Just Go Full-On Hippie, And Ditch All Shoes.

HI everyone:) So, before I rant, Just wanted to show you this picture of me with my bestfriend, Janette.  We were at a free summer concert last night, which I go to every week and she finally came with me. Love this kid to death, we've been friends for like six or seven years now, and we literally know eachother's opinions on the weirdest of things. Its kind of ridiculous actually haha but we get eachother like no one else does.

Alright so here it is: I went shopping today with my mom and my brother, because I had to buy a dress for my cousin's wedding.
Heres what I got:

I would have gotten this one, but ya cant wear white to a wedding...such a shame!!!

SO anyway, I needed shoes to wear with this since i only have Converse high tops...I mean.. I wore converse high tops to prom....

Well, that was by choice actually lol.

ANYWHO I will fall on my face, pop my knee out (yeah that happens) or end up damaging myself in some other way if I attempt to wear heels, so THAT's not happening.

So I look all around for shoes at the store we were at (which will remain nameless). Of course there is NOTHING there in the women's shoe section that fits me and will remotely match the dress at all... cool. I am a size 5... yeah I'm aware of my BEHEMOTH size.. and I swear, women's shoes do run that small!! I have women's shoes that are a size 5, and they fit perfectly. But....  a women's size 5 is also a child's size 3... so I was forced to look for shoes in little girls sizes. While i was tempted to buy light up sneakers (don't pretend you don't want those, you're not fooling anybody), I did find two pairs of gladiator sandals that would be gorgeous with the dress. But the first sandal was only on display (gotta love deception) and the second one was in a size I could actually fit in!!!! But of course the oh so friendly sales woman couldn't find the other shoe. Because wouldn't that just be  too easy? We cant have that, now!

Looks like I'm frustrated and barefoot. For now anyway. Any ideas on what kind of shoes would look good with the blue dress?

Anyway have a good weekend everybody! OH AND MY ORGANIC BLOG IS UP AND RUNNING! I'll love you forever if you check it out!!!---->Paved Paradise

Although I did just waste a large chunk of your day with a rant about the shoe industry... forgive me lol.

Aesthetically Yours,


  1. You are the exact same shoe size as my mom!! She buys her sneakers in the kids sections!!

    LOVE that you wore Converse to prom! And I love your dress for the wedding.

  2. Hahahah all the best shoes run small anyway!! And thank you, the converse were a hit at prom lol