Thursday, July 5, 2012

No Doubt, and Mass Amounts of Doubt.

I would like to take this time to talk about two things. The first being how EXCITED I am for this new No Doubt album coming out on September 25th! It seems like a while away, but the first single AND music video, Settle Down, is coming out JULY 16th!! No Doubt has released webisodes talking about and sharing little bits of their new music, and it sounds so reggae and ska, just like their old stuff! I don't like Gwen Stefani's pop music, but i adore the way she sings in No Doubt. I saw them live in 2009, They were awesome! For more about whats new for No Doubt, check out!fan-talk. No Doubt is a perfect example of a band that stays true to themselves.

An example of a band that hops on the bandwagon and doesn't stay true to themselves?
Maroon 5.
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE early Maroon 5. Their first album is ABSOLUTE GENIUS, and if you don't believe me, listen to the songs Secret and The Sun. They are complete perfection. Also, before Maroon 5 was Maroon 5, they were an indie band in 1997 called Kara's Flowers. They have a vintage sound about them and I really like it. 

It would seem that Maroon 5 could do no wrong, but they just kept making more and more songs for pop radio. I could handle that as long as there were some other awesome tracks on the album. Then came Overexposed.

I thought Moves Like Jagger was bad. But this. . . this is just terrible. Now they sound like every other horrible pop artist on the radio. You can't even tell they are the same band that put out Songs About Jane!! Suddenly rappers and pop singers are being featured in their songs?!? And it all sounds like electronic bubblegum, meaningless music. Here's what I think happened. People realized how good looking Adam Levine (the lead singer) was, once he became a judge on the voice. He realized how popular he was getting, and did a song with Christina Aguilera, one of his co-judges who I am NOT a fan of. People loved that pop nonsense, he loved all the attention, and now he does only pop nonsense. I hate it SO much. They were great. Now new listeners claim they are huge fans, and old listeners deny any change. Its terrible. These are all just my speculations, but Overexposed is the perfect name for this album, since that's exactly what their music is.

But I will always love their old music:)

Aesthetically yours,


  1. I too, am beyond excited for some new Gwen and the boys. I hope that is everything that we expect. I also agree about Maroon 5, unfortunately though, I still find myself singing along with the ridiculously pop songs out lately. lol. They really seem to have lost themselves along the way.

  2. Its such a shame. That's why I stay away from pop completely haha