Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Art is opinion, not fact.

Here's something that bothered me today: I saw a commercial for an at-home art school, and it said to call their number for a free ART TEST, and they will help you become a better artist.

 Art test. . .? Since when is art something that's right or wrong and can be tested? Art is a matter of creativity, it's based on perspective, and shouldn't be up to anyone to say it can be "better". This commercial showed someone taking a standardized test booklet. It seemed that the goal of the test was to draw exact copies of images shown. I do not understand how being a Xerox machine is art. Art is about freedom and creative expression. Art is an outlet for people to show their ideas through imagery, whether it be beautiful or hideous.  Who's to say that just because you can't perfectly sketch a bald eagle (which is the GENIUS work this commercial showed. . . yes, sarcasm again) that you aren't artistic? Art is visual emotion, which shouldn't be up to anyone to decide if it is right or wrong.

This idea of someone improving your art is false. There is nobody whose artistic views are above another's. Creativity needs to stop being controlled.

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