Saturday, June 23, 2012

Don't Forget The Lyrics

Hellooo everyone! I hope everyone made the most of this beautiful day, after the apocalyptic thunderstorm that occurred yesterday!! I don't know where else it hit, but it was INSANE in New Jersey!!

Today, I went to The Six Flags Hurricane Harbor water park. We have season passes to that, the Great Adventure theme park, and the safari. This was the first Hurricane Harbor trip of the summer, and it was an awesome start to the year, not because of the actual park, but because of the great music they played!! Usually it's top 40 nausea, but today they played Bob Marley, the Beach Boys, Van Morrison, 311. and Rusted Root. I was LOVING it. So, yes, of course I was singing out loud! And yes, of course i got some weird looks, but I have no shame! I can carry a tune, if I so please! I should have been saying "you're welcome". It's not everywhere you get free entertainment! If I love a song, and I know all of the words, I don't care where I am - I'm singing it. Then again, there are those awkward times when I don't know the words. . .

I consider myself to be mature, especially in my music taste. So in recent years especially, I've been pretty spot on with knowing correct lyrics. Before that, I was quite an imaginative child. . . I devised a list to show you some of the lyrics i was sure were correct:

Alright, alright.. before you laugh at me, I bet you have all messed up some lyrics too!! Let me know if you have! Happy Saturday:)

Aesthetically Yours,


  1. For the longest time I always thought "I'll never be your Beast of Burden" was "I'll never be you big Suburban" lol- shame on me :) These are great! I love "I want a piece of David"... hysterical!

  2. Oh my gosh haha thats great, yeah i was always like 'who is David...?' lol